Sustainability & green initiatives

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Local food

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We grow our own

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We collect & process

We collect berries and mushrooms in the mountains around St. Antom.
The .......... we process to jam and juice wich guests can find at our breakfast buffet. The ........mushrooms we dry and served as soups in winter.


When we rennovaded the house back in 2008 we decided to keep the old stone walls and as much of the 170 years old wooden beems as possible. The waste we would have created taking out 55 cm stonewalls and moving them by trucks (many trucks) to a building dumb in the beautyfull Verwall valley didn't feel right

Geothermal heating

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A green garden

Our garden is a nice hangout after a day of activities in the mountains or on the river. It's a shared space with local insects for whom we have planted seasonal plants.

Operational changes

Our goal is to promote self propelled activities in the future. Skiing on the lifts is great but skitouring is more sustainable. Hiking without using the lift or busses. Going for a swimm in a mountain lake rather than using a swimming pool. Biking without battery etc. Mountain activities are there to connect us with nature. Let them stay natural.